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theBlueBubba may receive some form of compensation or a percentage of sales from our posts and/or the products found on our website and social channels.  This will not increase the price of the product for our readers.

Users of this site and our social channels must act responsibly in the interest of their own treatment, medical care, etc.   Any and all advice or content on our channels are for informational purposes only and absolutely do not constitute or act as a substitute for medical advice.  Please seek professional medical diagnoses, treatment, advice, and judgement for your medical and health needs.  Medical knowledge advances constantly and the information on this site should not be assumed to be exhaustive or current. 


Please understand that any information on our channels or linked sites and sources is to be taken completely at your own risk.  We do not endorse any of the products, suggestions, opinions or procedures on linked sites.  We also do not take responsibility for any offensive content found on linked materials.


Our channels were not created and do not intend to set a care standard for our users.  Again, please acknowledge that you shall not delay in seeking the advice of a medical professional for any concerns or questions regarding your health for any reason, or due to anything found on our sites.

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