Why You Deserve to Complain about Daylight Saving Time.

I always forget how much I adore the late-winter Daylight Saving time until the evening suddenly becomes what seems like 10x sunnier and longer. After logging onto social media this Monday, however, it seems I am in the large minority.

Every year around this time, people in various parts of the world (somewhere around 40 percent of countries abide by DST) are feeling thrown by their loss of an hour of sleep. And it's not unfounded - DST was originally created as a way to conserve energy and coal, but studies have shown we're now only saving tiny amounts of energy. And the change affects our internal clock in very real ways - the amount of sleep we're (not) getting and the amount of light we suddenly see each day genuinely messes with our circadian rhythm.

Not only that, but research has found that in the days following the late-winter DST, there are more deadly car crashes, more workplace injuries, and more heart attacks, perhaps due to the increase in stress and altered sleep cycle. On the upside, the number of robberies occurring decreases, probably due to the shorter periods of darkness.

So go ahead and complain, get some sleep, and

enjoy the extra hour of daylight - you deserve it!