Trend Alert: The Robe Dress.

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

One of my favorite trends over the last couple years has been the robe dress - wear them with pants, wear them over a dress, or wear them as the dress. I never quite left behind the extremely convenient duster trend from when I was in the 8th grade, and still wear long sweater dusters all the time - but robe dresses are much more fun.

In my opinion, the thing that makes a robe dress so eye-catching is the quality or pattern (or both!) of the fabric. Without at least one of these things, it can just look end up looking like the robes you lounge in at home.

This robe from Endless Rose has both. The beautiful pink immediately caught my eye in-store (I found it at Macy's, I can't seem to find it online), and I loved the contrasting leopard print faux fur on the sleeves that added a bit of edge. The softness of the fabric made the outfit both look and feel high-quality. You don't really need much in the way of accessories, etc. when you are wearing something that pops so much on its own.

Another stunning style is this luxe piece below. It's by Neha Samira, and available in yellow and blue here.

I don't think I've ever gotten more comments on a piece of clothing than when I wore this out - and I believe it's not only because of the pretty bell sleeves and gorgeous color, but because the quality and intricate design and beading of the cloth is so detailed and unique. When we shot it, I wore it over a Neha Samira dress that matched in color, and when I wore it to a wedding, I wore it over a simple silk slip.

I've linked to a few more options below. Happy shopping!

Photos of Neha Samira items by Antonio Rivera