Think Pink.

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Wearing blush tones, for me, is an instant picker-upper. And luckily ruffles, pink, and the romantic tops that were more common ten years ago are all over department stores these days.

Interestingly, pink hasn’t always been linked to femininity, and I love that in the last decade it’s become a more popular color for male clothing as well. In the 1700s, it was equivalently worn by both genders.  Right before the roaring 20s pink was actually more common for boys – because it was considered fiery and strong; and blue was deemed the more feminine color.  It wasn’t until post-World War II that advertising began associating girls with ruffles and pink.

I say the more pink for all, the better!  Below are some of my favorite pink-ish looks available now.

In a world of spinning wheels; where all these souls are rushed - Find the ones who make you feel; who make you stop and blush.