Sweat(shirt) Weather.

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

I'm currently home in the Midwest, and the weather was miserable this weekend - I didn't leave the house for two days because I was snowed in. I woke up today with the biggest smile on my face because it was sunny and 50, and as Spring may (finally) be arriving, I thought we should discuss sweatshirts while it's still relevant.

I've finally accepted the fact that sweatshirts are, in fact, my number one favorite thing to wear - so I've started adding sweatshirts that have a bit of style to them to my wardrobe. I've been getting a lot of wear out of the below sweatshirt, which was from ASOS. The sleeves are fun and puffy, and the cinching and bright fabric make it something you can wear out to dinner without feeling like a slouch. I'm hoping to find more sweatshirts with unique cuts on the sleeves so I can get sweatshirt-level comfort without sacrificing style. 

I've recently been introduced to Adidas Originals sweatshirts and want them all!  The below are two of my favorite.  The flowered sweatshirt is unfortunately sold out on ASOS.com and not available on the Adidas website anymore, but there are some on ebay if you're looking.  It's official name is the "adidas Originals X Pharrell Daisy Logo Sweatshirt".

This red sweatshirt is probably the one I wear the most - it's 94 percent polyester and doesn't really feel like a regular sweatshirt - though it's super comfortable.  I can already tell the fabric is going to remain bright and not get faded and rough to touch like most sweatshirts do after a few washes.

I'm hoping we won't be needing sweatshirts soon - but love the variety that is available out there.  Happy Spring!

A warm sweater and arm, wrapping you tight ❄ Can melt the coldest of cold winter nights.