Dressy Holiday Look That's Not a Dress.

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

With the holiday season upon us, it can be really tempting to wear holiday dresses to every Christmas party or family gathering – there’s just so many festive ones in stores right now! I’ll be posting a whole series on holiday dresses later this month. However, another fun option can be mixing, matching and accessorizing jumpsuits and shaggy and/or faux fur coats for an old-timey look.

My personal favorite jumpsuits are slouchy and belted at the waist, or off-the-shoulder. I’ve also found it’s smart to invest in at least one shaggy coat OR stole during this time of year, as it’s one of the only things that doesn’t detract from a fancy outfit but will also keep you warm if you’re like me and generally spend the holiday season in a cold climate. Seriously, they’ve saved me many a cold New Year’s Eves in my younger years, while waiting for a cab, after dumbly not bringing my real coat because I didn’t want to deal with coat check (not recommended ;) ).

To accessorize, floppy hats always instantly turn any bad hair day (my hair has been so dry and static this winter!) or casual outfit more glamorous, and of course, you can rarely go wrong when you thrown on some hoops.