Career Tips From Female Visionaries.

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

There are an infinite number of paths to success, and the demands of being a woman in today’s world expand exponentially as we break through glass ceilings and define new ideas of what a successful woman can be. We’ve compiled some advice women at the top of their field have shared on how they they got to where they are today.

Michelle Ruiz Contributing Editor, Former Cosmopolitan Senior Editor

"Don't be too sensitive or precious about your work. Learn to see criticism, comments and notes from your bosses as ways to grow and understand your field better. Even if something stings, move on from it tomorrow and come to work with a smile on your face. Having a thicker skin is for the best: No one has time to hold your hand and give you a cookie over every assignment that comes your way."

As told to Cosmopolitan.

Jen Groover

Author, TV Personality, Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur

"Don't waste your energy on telling people how smart or capable you are, show them. Fly under the radar and never let them see you coming."

As seen in Shape Magazine.

Julie Bornstein

Founder and CEO of stealth, former COO of Stitch Fix, Former CMO and CDO of Sephora LVMH

Put it on paper. That’s the advice I’d give my younger self: to write down my thoughts, dreams, goals, and desires for the future—from the big and lofty to the specific and mundane...It sounds simple, but if you actually take the time to do it, a written record of your goals can be a powerful anchor for your future.

As seen on The Muse.

Alexa Hirschfeld

President and Cofounder of Paperless Post

The discipline comes in paring life down to what you really love and not adding things just because you can. Don’t waste your time doing anything you don’t love—there are too many things you will love that you cannot justify missing out. Also, don’t be so hard on yourself.

As seen on StyleCaster.

Nina Nashif

Founder and Former CEO of HealthBox, Advisor, Entrepreneur, and Board Director

When you reach an impasse in business or life, what’s your “Third Way?”...As an entrepreneur, I’ve always had to be nimble and creative to spread my ideas and grow my business. My good friend calls this philosophy “The Third Way” — creating new choices rather than tradeoffs to achieve the ideal outcome.

As seen on Medium.