Blazing Through Autumn: Vivienne Westwood.

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

You may have noticed that I’ve been posting Vivienne Westwood blazers and jackets over the last couple weeks as fall has begun – most of them are my sister’s, who is a big fan of the brand.  Besides the obvious structure and beauty of the pieces, once she told me a little bit about the founder, it easy to understand why.

Vivienne Westwood is an eponymous brand by the British designer. She’s a 70s rock icon AND she’s a dame who has done endless work in environmental activism. Her brand embraced the anti-establishment culture of the punk era, and she has long been a proponent for women everywhere to know that they can be feminine and powerful in a world that didn’t always allow that.

I’ve linked to some of favorite items out now:

Besides the aforementioned fact that her designs were a huge contributor to the shaping of the punk rock movement, other types of clothing that may come to mind when you think of her include her Pirate collection, frayed tulle, and tweed suits.  Some of Gwen Stefani’s most iconic outfits include a piece or two from the designer.

If you ever get the time, reading about her life is like taking a history class in fashion.  She is one inspiring woman!